Traditional Systems


Traditional vertical attachment system using Hat and Z profiles which is suitable for HPL Compact and Fiber Cement cladding. The fastening of the panels to substructure is achieved with color-matched stainless steel Torx head screws or with color-matched rivets. Traditional, cost effective and designed for high performance rain screen cladding.


This system allows the installer to level the facade in 3 axis and it has the capacity for up to 4” of continuous exterior insulation while maintaining a 1” ventilation space from the face of the insulation to the back of the panel.


This system provides a concealed fastening solution with back of panel clips that allow the panel to be hung on the horizontal rail. The system provides leveling capability and is ideal for large panel formats. Our CS25 clip and rail may be used with the XK-V25 or XK 50 substructure.